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HOLISTIC HEALING For the mind body & soul

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SuperBodyMind® was inspired by the ancient traditions of Ayurveda & Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles of life balance. With an emphasis on prevention rather than cure, we believe that better health and happiness are achieved through close attention to balance in our thoughts, diet & lifestyle. Holistic healing is a practice that considers the whole person. Rather than focusing on a specific condition holistic healing aims to restore balance within the mind, body & soul.

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holistic healing for the mind body and soul

The Mind, Body, & Soul connection

The mind-body connection originated in China over 4,000 years ago when the doctors noticed that periods of stress were often followed by illness. What we do with our body (food we eat, exercise we take, and our posture) can impact our mental state either negatively or positively.

One mind-body connection is the way your body responds to stress. A lot of worry and stress that a person deals with can cause tension, headaches, pain, stomach problems, and other issues. However, if you are able to relax your body and mind, you stop producing the hormones that create stress and you return to a state of calm, both in the body (physically) and in mind (mentally)